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Message posted by Pauline on 28 Jan 2018

Finally, this is with successful that I uploaded all photos + screenshots of Kendra’s Instories.

You will find all 2017 photos of Kendra’s Instagram.

Click in the next link to see 1 year in Kendra’s life (backstage): Kendra’s Instories 2017 [x1800].

Moments with kids: Alijah and Lil Hank, photos with Hank, fun with friends, her Vegas life, friendship with Ninie, Sex Tips Vegas (promo, premier, backstage).<

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Message posted by Pauline on 25 Jan 2018

Kendra and Jessica are BEST FRIENDS from long time ago. Maybe, since Kendra was at Playboy Mansion.

Today, Jessica shared with fans a photo of their friendship.

So sweet! 💞💞

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