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¤ What is a typical day for you ?
There is never a typical day haha! Every day is different. Shooting the show, photoshoots, taking my son to school, being with friends, working. It never ends!

¤ Is the name Hank was obvious for you ?
Yes I wanted to keep the tradition alive and there is no one else I would rather name my son after than my husband.

¤ Which cities where you lived, did you like the most?
I loved them all but probably Indy bc that’s where my son was born.

¤ Will you write a new book ?
¤ If yes, do you have an idea of the book’s subject ?

I would love to! I have a lot if ideas right now so you will have to stay tuned.

¤ Did you sign for a season 2 of ‘Kendra On Top’?
Yes we did! Can’t wait to start filming.

¤ Do you others projects on the way in areas you never explore ?
I want to do it all! I did a cameo in Scary Movie 5 so that’s coming out next year.

¤ When your lingerie line will be on store ?
It will be coming out next year!!

¤ Are we going to see the photos you took with Steve Weda ?
Yes they will be out then too!

¤ Do you others photoshoots on the way ?
Yeah I have a lot of really cool stuff coming up. I just did a shoot for a magazine that will be coming out soon.

¤ Will you have another baby ? everyone would like to.
Aww that’s cute! NO hahaha! No I’m kidding we will see!

¤ Does little Hank want a baby brother or sister ?
He loves kids but right now he gets a little jealous when we are around other kids.

¤ What is your favorite book ?
My favorite book fo the moment is green eggs and ham haha!

¤ A genie is coming and telling you, you have 3 wishes: which ones ?
1) Peace on earth
2) For all children and animals to be safe
3) More wishes!

¤ What is your favorite look ? casual, glamour?
Casual for sure! I’m more of a casual person in general. I love being active so I like to be comfrotbale. But every now and then it does feel nice to get dressed!

¤ Which role play Hef now in your life ? Is he still here for you ?
Hef is one of my best friends and always will be!

¤ We first saw you on tv 6 years ago, what is it like to be famous now and have 2 million followers on twitter ?
No matter what I am or where I am I will always be true to myself. The only thing that matters is being happy and being with family so everything else is just a bonus.

¤ Many celebrities out their fragrances, have you thought about doing the same?
Ya totally! I more of a body mist type of girl so I would love to do something like that.

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