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Message posted by Pauline on 20 Août 2018

Kendra was shot in a Youtube movie of Stuntbear production (LINK: here): ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

She played Susanna, woman who kill zombie.

Synopsis: Unexpectedly bumping into an old acquaintance from your past is never easy, especially in a zombie apocalypse.

– Wolf: George H. Xanthis
– Gary: Jay K. Cagatay
Susanna: Kendra Wilkinson

Written by:
Jay K. Cagatay, George H. Xanthis, James R. Woods, Nick Musgrove

In association with: Princess Pictures
Thrash Lab, Princess Pictures


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Message posted by Pauline on 09 Sep 2015

The Basketts family was at Malibu Carnival this weekend (sept 6th).

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