Kendra make some pictures to promote her ‘Love Candy Collection’ (see last post). Kendra gets in the mood for Valentine’s Day with her « Love Candy » romance kit.

¤ Promotion – Love Candy Collection [x10HQ]
[EDIT] Update more 8 photos in HQ.

Please credit the website if you use this pictures to your blog/website. THANK YOU!

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Posté par Pauline le 03 Fév 2012 et classé dans : News

Kendra created this kit full of romance-enhancing products that take your sensual life to a new level!
-The aphrodisiac-infused bath essence
-Body lotion
-An edible body drizzle
You’ll love the scents and flavors like Goji berry, Mangosteen and pomegranate – all hand-picked by Kendra for the fantastic way they make you feel inside and out! The goal of this sensuality-enhancing kit is to get you feeling your best from bath time to massage time – right down to the box of rose petals to throw around your sheets!

To buy this Valentine Kit, click here: BUY NOW

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Posté par Pauline le 31 Jan 2012 et classé dans : News